Cybercrime is Growing

The statistics below highlight how real and dangerous the threat truly is to small/medium businesses:

  • Cybercrime cost the world $8 trillion annually.

  • The average cost of a data breach is $10 million.

  • Annually, cybercriminals steal 33 billion records.

  • Identity theft cost Americans $15 billion annually

  • It takes 196 days on average to identify a data breach.

Network Security

Simply thinking your network is working fine and thus is secure is a dangerous posture.  If you don’t have best of class network switches, firewalls and wireless access points like those made by Fortinet, you are surely at risk.

Good security doesn’t have to cost a lot.  With a small investment, even small businesses can have industry leading protection from Cyber Security threats.

Don’t wait, we can share an enormous number of examples of businesses that failed to act to only come in search of help later.  Don’t wait and let Azuris security your network now.

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EndPoint Security

It has become painfully clear in recent years that human nature will never change.  The curiosity of humans is part of our DNA and thus users will always click a link or open an attachment.

You can protect your business even from human nature with good EndPoint Security.

We’re not talking about traditional Antivirus that is very reactionary, but modern EndPoint Security that only allows known good applications to run and blocks anything else.

Another approach is Zero Trust, which again assumes everything is bad unless it is known to be good.

This is a very inexpensive technology that is critical in securing the most vulnerable area of your business – users and endpoint devices.

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Secure Cloud Applications & Email

Even the Cloud needs secured as bad actors can gain access to your Cloud Apps like Microsoft 365 and applications just like users.

Add the proper level of security to ensure the benefits of the Cloud that help your business don’t become a target for cyber crime.

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